Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

How to Dry Flowers

Tips on How to Dry Flowers

If you have received a flower bouquet and love it so much that you want to keep it, you should consider preserving the flowers by simply drying them. You can dry flowers in a few short simple steps, so that you can keep them with you for many years. There are many different ways you can dry flowers, and you can even dry them using your microwave.

Air Dry Flowers

Cut the flowers once all dew is removed from them and they are completely dry. Remove the leaves from the flowers. Hang the flowers in a ventilated area using wire, a string, or even pipe cleaners. Hang the flowers upside down to allow them to dry straight and to stop the flowers from wilting. Dry them in a dark room to preserve the color of the flower. If you want to dry only the flower heads, lay the heads of the flowers on a newspaper or a sheet of paper, and then place them in a dark room. It can take the flowers 24 hours to dry, or it could more than a week. When the flowers are completely dry, the petals will feel like paper and should not be damp or limp.

When the flowers are completely dry, do not put them near sunlight or they will fade. You should also not place the dried flowers near any type of forced airflow or they will become brittle and break. You can dust the dried flowers very gently using a feather duster. Wrap the dried flowers in newspaper, and then store them in a dry cardboard box. Do not place the box anywhere near damp or dry air. It is best to store the dried flowers outside or in a garage type setting.

Use a Microwave

If you need a quicker way to dry your flowers, you can use your microwave to do the job. In some cases, flowers may not dry as well using a microwave, but you can test a flower out and experiment with it to see if this method will work for you. Cut the flower until there is approximately half-inch stem left on it and place it in a drying agent. Spring a little more drying agent on top of the flower. The drying agent should be at last one-half inch deep. Put some water in a small bowl and place it in the microwave close to the flower. Should be rotate the flower every minute or so if your microwave does not automatically rotate. It should take approximately three minutes to dry the flower, but in some cases it can take less or more time. Watch the flowers closely as they are in the microwave. When it is finished, remove the flower from the microwave but leave it in the drying agent. Allow the flower to sit in the drying agent for several hours before you remove it. It can take eight hours for some flowers, and make take up to 24 hours for others.