Grow Your Own Aloe Vera

Grow Your Own Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is great for soothing skin, but those big bottles at the store are costly and are way more than a normal family needs.  If you like growing plants indoors, you can grow your own aloe vera plant to provide your family with instant access to the freshest aloe vera possible.  When you have a need for it, simply snip off part of a leaf, squeeze the juice out and apply it like normal.

Aloe vera is a soothing, healing gel that can be applied for sunburns, chafing, insect bites and many other external applications, and can even be taken externally for some afflictions such as heartburn.  You can mix it with other ingredients for a soothing face mask, or make it into caplets to take as a supplement.

Not only is growing your own aloe vera plant practical, but also can be a beautiful addition to your home.  Aloe vera plants are quite striking, with long, pointed leaves and gorgeous patterns.

Aloe vera plants are also very easily propagated by transplanting the little offshoots, making sure to leave as much of the delicate root system intact as possible.  Place the baby in a new pot and watch it grow.

As far as plant care goes, aloe vera plants are quite easy to care for.  Let the soil dry out between watering and be careful not to overwater.

If you have a green thumb and use aloe vera gel, growing your own aloe vera plant is a great way to save money and enjoy the beauty of this useful plant.