Medicinal Herb Gardens

Medicinal Herb Gardens

If you have a hankering to create a beautiful flower garden, filled with colors and textures, while still having the benefits of plants that are productive, consider creating a medicinal herb garden.  Information abounds about the healing properties of different herbs and how they work together in a garden, so you can carefully plan a garden that will provide your family with all the healthy, helpful herbs you need.

While medicinal herbs can be used to treat illnesses, they work best as preventive treatments to gradually build up the immune system and help our bodies fight off the many attacks we face in our modern, polluted world.  Planting herbs that not only treat but also prevent will help you make the most of your medicinal herb garden.

Even if you don’t have room for a formal garden, herbs are very hardy and can grow in many different places.  Shade loving herbs can be planted around the base of a tree where grass doesn’t grow anyway, creating a beautiful contrast against the trunk of the tree while providing you with healthful benefits.

Herbs also grow excellently in containers, so scatter them around your patio, porch and fence edges, or even bring them indoors to add greenery to your home.

Growing your own medicinal herb garden allows you to create a custom health plan with herbs grown fresh and organically, so you can have the healthiest, most potent herbs possible.  Since herbs are so easy to grow, you can grow them even if you are a beginner.