Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus Flowers

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The Ranunculus flowers are beautiful flowers that have many petals, and they are great for cut flowers because they are long lasting. A group of ranunculus flowers looks great in a vase and brings a lot of color to your home.

The main attraction of the Ranunculus flower is its bright color. The petals on this flower are very thin and in layer after layer. This type of flower works great in the south and also west. Once your flower garden is full of these beautiful flowers, cut some to put into a vase and bring inside to add beautiful color to your home.

The bulbs for these plants are available in the Fall at almost any nursery you visit, or you can order them from a catalog if you cannot find them in a nursery in your area. This type of flower will grow best in areas that have a mild winter, and have long cool Spring seasons. The roots on this plant can tolerate the soil temperature to be 10 degrees, and the plant itself can handle the temperatures at 20 degrees, but only for a few hours.

These flowers are popular in states such as Texas, Louisiana, California, Arizona and Nevada. They are planted in the month of October or early November and then they will bloom in March.

A large bulb will typically product 35 flowers, number one bulbs should produce approximately 20 flowers, whereas a number three bulb will produce even less.

If you prefer, you can plant the bulbs in a pot inside in the month of February and then transplant them outside later on. The pots should be placed in a west or south window or you can place the pot under a grow light.