Selling Plant Starts as a Side Business

Selling Plant Starts as a Side Business

People love to grow their own flowers and vegetables, but in some climates, those plants need to be started early indoors to get head start on the growing season. Many people don’t have the time or the inclination to start plants indoors themselves, so those who do can turn selling plant starts into a profitable side business.

The nice thing about growing plants is that they require relatively little in the way of upfront cash.  You need pots, which can be recycled from toilet paper rolls, milk jugs and other consumable items, and you need the soil and seeds, both of which are inexpensive.

The biggest investment you will have is your time, and while they say time is money, they probably did not have a shortage of money and a little extra time.  With proper management, you can care for a large number of plants in just a little bit of time every day.

If you can grow plants, garden vegetables like tomatoes and peppers usually need to be started indoors, except in areas with long growing seasons.  There are people who make a very good income selling those seasonal plant starts at farmer’s markets.  That extra cash can be a big boost toward a vacation fund or paying down debt.

So if you like to grow things, consider selling plant starts as a way to supplement your income.  You may find that, over time, you can grow your business into something that supports your family, while providing you the opportunity to work from home and spend time with those you love.