Squash is Ornamental and Practical

Squash is Ornamental and Practical

I love squash flowers.  They are so bright and cheerful; almost like a surprise gift when you visit the garden.  Their big leaves are pretty to look at to, with unique shapes and fun patterns.  As far as vegetables go, squash are some of the most prolific to grow, so you can create a very productive yet ornamental area in your flower garden by planting them.

Squash can be eaten in so many ways – it truly is one of the most versatile vegetables.  From chocolate zucchini cake (one of my favorites) to a healthy veggie stir fry with fresh crookneck squash, you can fill your sweet tooth and make a main dish, all from this humble little plant.  There is even a variety, the loofah gourd, that can be dried out and used as a loofah in the shower.

With dozens of varieties, you can combine different types to make a brilliant display garden, and when the fruits come in, it looks even nicer.

With the cost of groceries constantly increasing, you can help control your own grocery budget by growing some of your food at home.  Squash is an excellent beginner’s vegetable because it is so easy to grow.  They need a decent soil and plenty of water, but do not require a lot of maintenance and are not as prone to pests as other vegetables are.

So if you have a place to put a new plant, experiment with growing squash to take advantage of its tasty bounty, along with the unique beauty that squash plants display.