Start Seeds with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Start Seeds with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

If you start many seeds at home, you have probably struggled to find an inexpensive way to hold the seeds while they sprout.  Plastic trays work well, but eventually fall apart and create a lot of waste, and those little peat pots can get very costly.  If you love to recycle, you can use your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to create pots to start your seeds in.

If you cut a single toilet paper roll in half, you will get two seedling pots.  Cut four notches in one end, about half an inch long, and then fold those in to create a sturdy bottom.  Fill with potting soil and plant your seed.  It really is that simple!

The benefit to using those cardboard rolls is that they will quickly break down, so if you wish, you can plant the seedling with its pot to add a little carbon to the soil.

Toilet paper rolls are very easy to come by.  If you ask your friends and family to start saving theirs now, by spring you can have an ample supply to start your seeds.

You will need a tray to set them in for water drainage, but other than that, no special equipment is required.  If you set the tray on a heat pad, you can speed up the sprouting time considerably, meaning you can plant your seedlings sooner or wait longer to get started in the spring.

Toilet paper rolls can also be used to protect delicate seedlings by placing them around the seedling, above the soil.  This can keep critters from breaking them off or frost from damaging delicate tips.

If you love recycling and love starting your own seeds, toilet paper roll pots are a great way to start your garden each year!