Time to Start Planning the Garden

Time to Start Planning the Garden

In just a few short months, gardeners across the country will begin tilling the ground and preparing for another year of bountiful produce, at least that is what we all hope for.  Between now and then, gardens need to be mapped, seed catalogs drooled over and seeds germinated indoors, in preparation for their big adventure to the great outdoors.

If you have not done so already, now is the time to reflect on last year’s gardening successes and failures, and make plans to do even better this year.  You need to plan out what plants will go where and adjust how much you plant of each type based on how much yield you desire.

The simplest way to do this is to adjust the rows and columns of an Excel spreadsheet to mimic printed graph paper, and then write out your rows and beds.  Decide what size each square on the graph represents, and plan your spacing and row sizes appropriately.  I like assigning a size of one foot per square.  This makes it easier to allow for spacing, but you may choose a spacing as small as six inches.

Using Excel to make your garden plans makes changes much easier.  Instead of erasing and rewriting, you can simply delete or make corrections on the screen when you need.  Once you have a finished plan, printing it is a breeze and you can make as many copies as needed.

However you choose to make your plans, now is the time to get started to make sure you have ample time to order seeds, plant starts and gather any other supplies you need for this year’s bountiful garden.