Why Flowers Should Not Symbolize Love for Some Couples

Why Flowers Should Not Symbolize Love for Some Couples

The first year we were married, my husband surprised me with a miniature rose plant.  I still remember how beautiful it was, with its delicate white petals and the simple elegance that defines roses.  How I treasured that plant, placing it in the windowsill of honor – in the kitchen – so I could look at it frequently.

Unlike our love, that plant lasted only a few short weeks before the spider mites that moved in with it completely destroyed it.  I was heartbroken, and joked with my husband that I hoped it wasn’t an omen of things to come in our relationship.  Fortunately, that was many years ago and our love hasn’t had any run-ins with spider mites.

Since then, my poor husband has tried on many occasions to bring me home more green symbols of his love.  Each time, I am delighted by the beauty he chooses to bring home, and later appalled by the sad fate it inevitably meets.

Now, not every plant dies.  I have two plants I inherited from my mother that are probably almost as old as I am, and there are a handful of other plants around the house that manage to thrive despite my black thumb.  For some reason, though, those plants my husband brings home always end up dying.

What do you think?  Is it a bad omen when plants bought in love all end up dead?  Should some couples refrain from showing their love with living plants?  Having accepted the likelihood that I will kill his plants, my husband has wised up and instead brings me cut flowers from time to time.  I think he is smart.