February 2010

10 Reasons to Give Flowers

Some people don’t need a reason. Others wouldn’t if they had dozens. But there’s no denying that flowers are a popular gift. Here are ten reasons to give them any time of the year.

10. Impress a Loved One

Okay, he or she needn’t even be loved yet—maybe simply highly liked. If there’s one present my mother always harped on my father to buy for her every year, it was definitely flowers. Whether it’s someone you’ve loved for a long time, a new friend, or someone you’re hoping to take out soon, flowers are usually a good bet for setting your intentions.

9. Kiss A**

You blew it. You went to your boss’s daughter’s bat mitzvah and asked who the handsome young man at the punch bowl was—before realizing that she was the girl of the hour. Or maybe you pulled a Jerry Seinfeld and rhymed your new girl’s name with the wrong body part. Whatever you did, you can always say you’re sorry with a vase of flowers.