December 2011

Ranunculus Flowers

Gardening Flowers

The Ranunculus flowers are beautiful flowers that have many petals, and they are great for cut flowers because they are long lasting. A group of ranunculus flowers looks great in a vase and brings a lot of color to your home.

Start Seeds with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

If you start many seeds at home, you have probably struggled to find an inexpensive way to hold the seeds while they sprout.  Plastic trays work well, but eventually fall apart and create a lot of waste, and those little peat pots can get very costly.  If you love to recycle, you can use your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to create pots to start your seeds in.

Herb Garden Spiral

I love growing herbs in my backyard.  It is so satisfying to pop out the door with a pair of scissors to cut fresh seasonings for dinner or leaves for tea.  I also love the smell of my mint plants in the middle of summer when they have been disturbed.  What I don’t love, however, is trying to contain the things when they start really growing.  When I discovered the herb garden spiral, then, I was ecstatic!